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Stationary Favorites!

hey everybody!  how's life?  so today i'm gonna tell you about my favorite pens and notebooks and stuff like that 🙂  (i was going to do a room tour, but unfortunately i couldn't for reasons)  anyways, lets do this!   ---b r u s h   p e n s--- tombow fudenosuke hard tip- this is my… Continue reading Stationary Favorites!


Photos from the Crystal Cove Tidepools

hey everyone!  so i know that this isn't a photography blog, but i took some pictures while at Crystal Cove the other day, so here they are... sorry that this was a super short post, but i figured that this makes up for the two-week silence or whatever its called....oh well, thanks for reading!


My Summer Bucket List and Disney Trip

Hey everyone!  Since school is coming to a close (finally!), I decided to share my summer bucket list... ...and hopefully i'll add more activities this summer! go check it out (for free) at .   if it looks different from the one on my computer, don't worry.  mine is just different because i had to pay… Continue reading My Summer Bucket List and Disney Trip