Wasabiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!  Welcome to my blog, the Sun, Sea, and Everything in Between!  I’m Mal, a home schooled, left-handed, music-obsessed Christian who loves anything and everything to do with the water 🙂  I love God and am constantly in awe of His perfect creation!  Read more about me here!

I am a first-time blogger and just want to put it out there that I make ALOT of mistakes, so be ready for those!  This blog is about exactly what it’s called: The Sun, Sea, and Everything in Between!  Well, I guess it’s mostly about the Everything in Between part…

I hope you’ll stay and explore my little corner of the inter-webs for a while!



Packing my Operation Christmas Child Shoebox!!!

Hi everybody!!!  I just recently had the privilege to pack a shoe box for OCC (Operation Christmas Child) which I mentioned briefly in my last post.  I decided to elaborate on it a little bit and show y’all what I packed in the box!

So, just a heads up, these pictures all pretty much suck because when I took them, the lighting was really bad and I didn’t feel like waiting to take them later. 

Here’s what I packed:



this is supposed to be a “lavender”-ish color, but the camera and light kinda messed it up…

I would’ve packed some toothpaste, but there’s a new rule where you can’t pack any toothpaste or candy.

(I also had a little polka-dotted pouch that I placed all of these into.)

-School Supplies


-Other Stuff


occsunglasses (1)
sorry about this super weird color…I have no idea what happened…


I also wrote a card to the person who’s going to be receiving my shoebox.  I included a Christmas Bible verse too!  

“For unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given” -Isaiah 9:6b

Hallelujah Jesus!!!  Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’ being born into the world in a cave-like stable and placed in a lowly manger.  The animals surrounded Him and the shepherds and Three Wise Men praised and worshipped His glory! 

Anyways, y’all (why do I keep saying y’all?  I don’t usually…) should check out OCC and maybe pack a shoe box next year!  (Or even this year if possible!)  

Merry Christmas!!! 


Have you packed a shoe box this year? 


November BuJo Setup


Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!! So, it’s late.  Really, really, late.  We’re already halfway through November and I’ve barely posted at all.  Also, I’m skipping my October Recap because it’s pretty much pointless.  I figured I should do this post at least.

Ok!  Moving away from the aforementioned, let’s just do this!  (Look, I spelled it right this time!)sunwavedivider_blog

This month, I decided to go with a “Planets” theme.  They got a little bit messy, but, hey,  not everyone is an amazing artist.


Here’s the cover page.  I also added a Bible verse (which I have just now realized is more a Christmas Bible verse than Thanksgiving.  Maybe for my December set-up I’ll do a verse about being thankful…).

Acts 20:35  “It is more blessed to give that receive.”

I like this Bible verse (even though it’s for the wrong month…) because it reminds me that even when I’m feeling super bratty about not having what I want, it’s much better to give rather than to have.

On that note, has anyone heard of Operation Christmas Child?  It’s a Christian organization that collects shoe boxes every year to give to children living in poverty!  It may be kind of late to turn in a box by now, but y’all should check it out!  (Maybe next year?)


(Haha.  Look at all the stuff I white-ed out…)  Anyways, standard layout: Blogging, Birthdays, Books.  I added watercolor backgrounds that corresponded with the color of my planets!  novemberbujomonthly.jpg

Here’s the monthly layout!  Again, not much changed, but I did add spaces in-between each box instead of having it all together.

Right, well I think that’s it.  Sorry for the super short post!  You guys are all lit🔥🔥🔥! *cringes*


Do you have a Bullet Journal?

If so, what month is your favorite to set up?


Swimmer Struggles


Whelp, this is obviously a post about swimmers and their struggles…not much explanation needed, I guess…(Also, I’m not sure if I want to make this a series or not, because I had other ideas for “The Struggles of (Insert Topic Here)” So please tell me if you want more of these!) This is a really random post (but I guess that’s what I’m known for…) and I literally have had this idea since, like, July but I never got around to doing one… As you peoples know, I’m a swimmer and I know all those struggles that we face…We are very underestimated (both as individuals and as a sport, too).  Oh! and one last thing, I get really triggered when it comes to these kinds of things, so please don’t be offended or anything by whatever I say…




This one gets me REALLY triggered.  Like, when people are like “Dude, I had to run 10 miles at football practice today!  My coach was really hard on us!”  And then you’re just like, “Oh, man, that sucks…My coach made me swim 20.” And then they’re like, “But, swimming isn’t a real sport.  Football is.” Yea.  This makes me so mad.

Ok, so I guess that’s not really a struggle of swimmers, but let’s just call it a “trigger” of swimmers


(hahaha…I’ve tried to explain this one to my non-swimmer friends but they still don’t get it…)  Imagine this: You’re just peacefully swimming there and life’s going good, but all of  sudden, out of nowhere, something jumps out and bites your arm!!!  Oh, the pain!  You can’t stop swimming, what if the person behind you gets in front of you and won’t give you back your spot?  You just have to endure this hardship and pretend it never happened until the next time it attacks.

Yes, this happens to me at least 10 times per practice and 30 million times at warm-ups for a meet.  Especially with backstroke.  Believe me, it sucks…

BeFunky-project (3)

I don’t think there’s any explanation needed…


No matter how many times you shower, the smell never goes away.  You’re literally stuck with it forever.  I was once sitting in class with my face on my arm (because I was tired) and I smelled the chlorine and then had a sneezing fit because I’m slightly allergic to chlorine… (haha, how ironic, a swimmer allergic to a pool!)

BeFunky-project (5)

Have you ever invested so much money into a product you thought would be life-changing, but actually totally failed?  Well, that completely describes any product labeled “anti-fog”

BeFunky-project (6)

Oof.  Swimmers’ bodies are not trained for land activities.  So when it comes to things like running, we can’t stand it too long.  Even just 3 laps around the soccer field kills us.  We seriously have to take a 5 minute rest after those laps to catch our breath.


  Are you a swimmer?  If so, can you relate to these struggles as well?  Should I do more of these kinds of posts (i.e. The Struggles of:

  • Swimmers (parts 2 and continuing)

  • Surfers

  • Readers

  • Etc.


October Bujo Set-up (Coffee and Books)


Hey there, hoomans!  (yes, I’m aware I spelled that wrong)  Today I have here my October bullet journal set up to show you people.  Also, this is a collab with Emily, so go check hers out here!  Haha, I’ve actually had it set up since, like, forever ago, but I never posted it because I’m lazy (and that’s bad because Jesus said to NOT BE LAZY *ahem*)  I decided to do coffee and books because 1) they’re  fall-y things, 2) I like reading books, 3) I love coffee.  Anyways, lez jus do dis!sunwavedivider_blog.png


My cover page! I decided to use watercolors again and I think it turned out pretty good!  Of course, the watercolor “October” got kinda messy…


I had to white-out some things because I don’t want you knowing everything about my life (stalkers *looks around to make sure no one is staring through the window*)  But anyways, this is my usual blog//birthdays//reading page


The vibes page.  Yes.  This is my favorite part!  Although, the watercolor got messed up.  Again…Also, I added some white doodles to make some things stand out!


The monthly spread.  Of course.  Nothing new here, I mean it’s actually more boring now…


Our monthly bible verse is Psalm 40:8 “I take joy in doing your will, my God.  For Your instructions are written on my heart”  This verse always reminds me that, in whatever I do, I will do it joyfully!

what about you? do you have a bullet journal? have you done your spread yet?


September Recap//October Goals +

Whale, this is my procrastination at work.  Again.  School started this month and things have been crazy hectic.  Anyways, lez jus do dis!

divide (1)

S E P T E M B E R  R E C A P

+ b o o k s 

I’m not going to write every single book I read in September because it’ll take too long.  So here are my three favorites out of the ones I did read.

  • The Length of a String
  • Sign Language
  •  The Last Battle 🦁

Ok, The Last Battle was a book we had to read for school, but I really liked it!  Go read the Chronicles of Narnia.  By C. S. Lewis.  Now.  Also, I had a goal to read 15 books this month, but I only got to 9…😒

+ b l o g g i n g

I was supposed to start writing on more of a schedule because of the school year, but…obviously that didn’t happen.  I posted three times.  Um, yea.  That’s it for that!

+ w h a t  h a p p e n e d

It turns out that more happened than I thought would happen

  • Labor Day Kick-ball w/ Church crew
  • First day of School
  • Speech + Debate class
  • Church in the Park
  • Dodge-ball Day w/ Church crew
  • Debate Workshop
 O C T O B E R  ( W H A T ' S  H A P P E N I N G )

+ g o a l s

  • read at least 10 books
  • stay active (because I haven’t been doing that lately)
  • post on a schedule (heheh)

+ w h a t ‘ s  h a p p e n i n g

  • Great Wolf Lodge (actually it already happened and we came back yesterday)
  • Debate (my first one!)
  • school (well, obviously…)
  • not much else, I think…

maliyah signoff (3)


The Last Great Adventure of the Summer (Part 4)

Hey-lo people of the earth!  This post is over the course of 5 days, all in the Grand Canyon…here we go! divide (1)

Grand Canyon!!!  It’s super lit 🔥 there…  It will take too long to explain what I did every day, so I’ll just show the pictures.


I don’t think that I have to explain much about these few days, so that’s it for now!  also, pretty much all the high quality pictures were taken by my sister (since she has an actual good camera) Thanks for reading and waiting for each post (even though no one was probably waiting anyways) and yea.  bye!

maliyah signoff (7)

The Last Great Adventure of the Summer (Part 3)

Wasabiiiiiiii!!!!!!  I’m just going to skip an intro this time and get into it…divide (1)

First off, let’s start with what happened before breakfast.  We had decided to go on a bike ride with one of our friends who lived out near Hoover Dam.  Now, this bike ride was only about and hour and half, but the middle part of it and the very end of it was KILLER because it was so hot and bumpy and UPHILL.   After returning to our car, my stomach started hurting, and I thought it was just because I was hungry.  Little did I know that it was more than that.  Right after our friend had left, I blacked out and fell to the ground.  It was intense.  Apparently, My parents threw me back into the car and blasted the air on me.  Also, I was sweating like crazy.  Like, it was so gross, you don’t want to know…Anyways, after that we had breakfast at the Coffee Cup Cafe (talk about an alliteration!) and left for our next stop: Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, if you haven’t been there before, is so pretty!!! It has red rock everywhere (there’s even a Snoopy rock!) and the hotel we stayed at had it’s own mexican restaurant (it tasted amazing).  PLUS, I got a whole bed to myself for the time we were at the hotel!!! (heheh)

Here are some photos from today…


Heheh, sorry…They’re like all super blurry…


my sister took this one…with her real camera…so thanks, sismaliyah signoff (3)