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Wasabiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!  Welcome to my blog, the Sun, Sea, and Everything in Between!  I’m Melody, a home schooled, left-handed, music-obsessed Christian who loves anything and everything to do with the water 🙂  I love God and am constantly in awe of His perfect creation!  Read more about me here!

I am a first-time blogger and just want to put it out there that I make ALOT of mistakes, so be ready for those!  This blog is about exactly what it’s called: The Sun, Sea, and Everything in Between!  Well, I guess it’s mostly about the Everything in Between part…

I hope you’ll stay and explore my little corner of the inter-webs for a while!

xx 🎼Melody

(Oh, also I figured I should say something about this: The little drawing on the header of my blog ism’t my own creation.  I found it on google images, haha.  Thanks to whoever drew it!!!

my trip to “a certain music camp (also somewhere really awesome but also a surprise)”

Well, of course, Nashville is Music City USA, so why wouldn’t you have a music camp there?!?

Nashville is AMAZING. It sounds beautiful and it looks beautiful and it is HUMID. Like, the high while I was there was only (ha-I say “only” but I don’t really mean it) about 95 degrees, but the humidity factor made it feel like 95 million degrees at least.

Apart from that, though, I had the most awesome time there. I also loved the southern accents so much. Now I want one!

My dad and I flew out there a day before the camp actually started, so we got to walk around the city for a whole day and explore 😁. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Historic RCA Studio B, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Listening Room. (This also included us literally sweating to death because of the aforementioned humidity)

But enough about Nashville. That wasn’t even the best part. The best part was…















(haha, got you there with that comma, didn’t I)









CAMP ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Camp Electric is a music camp that is faith-based and Christ-centered and I love it there so much!

The nightly concerts were probably one of the best parts. There was Crowder, We are Messengers, Social Club Misfits, Aaron Cole (who even taught one of our vocal sessions), Riley Clemmons, Local Sound, KJ-52, Branan Murphy, and (in my opinion, the best ones) THE NEW RESPECTS!!!!!!!!!! *ahlkjfhglasdkjflaskjfhdsdjnv* (Go look up their music. it’s beautiful.)

Also, if anyone’s wondering about the fire truck, during one of the concerts, the fog machine had been too overpowering so the smoke alarm went off. This meant that 450 kids plus the chaperones had to get out of there in an “orderly fashion”. The fire department came and figured it out and we went back in and resumed the concert right where we’d left off. (So everybody was okay and nobody burned to death…although that would’ve been interesting…)

I was super anxious on the plane ride over because I had no idea if I’d be able to make any friends, but on the first night, instead of going to sleep, a bunch of girls in my group had a jam session in my room (and it sounded so good because they’re all super talented and I love them so much. ❤❤❤)

I mean, honestly, this place was the highlight of my summer (well, so far at least. I still have summer camp with my church, so we’ll see…). I have no more words to describe how awesome this place is so, like, that means it’s pretty awesome (haha).

(How many times have I used the word “awesome” in this? Because I’ve definitely overused it)

Anyways, I feel super informal because this post is literally first draft and without any real thought to it and I’m kind of rambling now but that’s it I guess.


(But yeah, Camp Electric is the best 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁)

Pursue/All I Need Is You (Hillsong Worship)

This is going to be real short, but I wanted to share this amazing song with all of you.

Recently, we had a “youth night” at church, and a few of us junior high/high schoolers had the opportunity to lead worship in the main sanctuary! One of the songs we did was the one mentioned in the title.

I absolutely love it, especially the chorus and bridge (1 and 2). It reminds me to continually surrender to Him and that the only thing I’ll ever need is Jesus Christ.

…on Social Media

“Follow Jesus, not Instagram.”

That ought to make you think. I mean, it made me think at least, so…

It made me think about how nowadays we can say we follow Jesus, but do we really? Do we follow Him or do we follow others? In this day and age, it can be pretty hard not to. What with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even blogs it’s almost impossible to ignore everything going on with others’ lives around us.

And-don’t get me wrong-social media isn’t all bad, of course. Some of the upsides include being able to keep up with friends living far away and sharing memories with others. And for those of you with social media, I’m not trying to harp on you guys.

“You shall have no other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3.

But we ALL need to stop and think. Who am I ultimately following? And we have to remember that we can’t make these other people that we follow “idols” in our lives.

So, do we make other people’s lives the centers of our lives? And do we worry about what they’re up to all the time? If so, why?

I still struggle with this, too. I’ve never had any social media of my own (except for this blog, if that even counts) but I use my mom’s Instagram sometimes. I always see all the fun my friends are having and I sometimes concern myself with what they’re doing when I should be worrying about other things.

When I should be putting God at the center of my life.

I ain’t perfect. I’m far from it. I told myself, “Stop worrying about them.”. And, “It doesn’t matter what they’re doing.” But in my flesh it did matter. My sinful nature kept me worried about what they were doing and all the fun they were having and how I wished I could’ve been there and-

This is the reason for this post. To share with all of you to not make an idol out of social media and what other people are doing. To not concern yourselves with the lives of others’ but rather to focus on God. To “Follow Jesus, not Instagram”.

Because, without Him, there wouldn’t even be Instagram anyways.

Summer 2019🌞🌊⛱

Well. It’s almost that time of year again. When kids run free all day and nightfall doesn’t come until about 7 pm (or later, even!). When the beach suddenly becomes more accessible and sunscreen is a necessity.

Summer is coming soon people and I am SO ready. Actually, being home schooled, I’ve been basically on summer for the past two weeks apart from a math final on my last day of school (like, what’s up with that?!?).

Anyways, for me, my last official day is June 3rd. JUNE 3RD. IT’S SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT. However, while it’s so close, it’s also so far away. We have so much planned over the next few days. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s basically a lot of celebrating the end of the school year.

I have a lot of plans for this Summer. For one, our youth group has so many events planned, including summer camp to somewhere REALLY AWESOME (but I can’t tell you yet, it’s a surprise). Apart from that camp, I also have a couple debate camps, hopefully a certain music camp (also somewhere really awesome but also a surprise), and a family/family friends camping trip. Unfortunately, I’m missing out on helping out with our church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School for those of you who don’t know) but it’s okay. In Summer, we have so much free time that I can use to worship and glorify God!

Speaking of which, that’s one of my goals for the summer. I had a full on bucket list last year, but this Summer, I’m just going to write a few main goals. (Unless I decide otherwise later.)

  • Spend more time with God: As I said earlier, since I’ll have more time what with school ending, I want to use that time to grow closer to and in Him. “But from there you will search again for the Lord your God. And if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find him.” -Deuteronomy 4:29
  • Walk to the pool (at least twice a week): Our family has been blessed with being able to live just down the street from our community pool and I’d like to take advantage of that this Summer.
  • Explore our Neighborhood more: We’ve actually lived in the same house for almost a decade now, but I’ve never really gotten to know many of the people living more that 5 houses from us. Also, my friend from church just moved a few streets down from us so we’ll have lots of adventures together! (We’re considering starting a dog walking business, haha!)
  • Find new worship songs: I love worshiping the Lord and finding/hearing new songs is always super awesome. And there’s more time to do so in the Summer. I’ll probably listen to United Pursuit and Hillsong Worship a lot.
  • Start an “Adventures” Journal: Last year, I attempted a travel journal but it didn’t really work out. This time, however, I want to journal about all the adventures my friends and/or family and I go on and even just little (but meaningful) memories. It will also inspire me to use my Polaroid a bit more!
  • Become a better Musician/Singer: I also want to take some time to work on my music in general. God gave me a passion for music so I am going to use it! (even if it means spending the whole summer on the ionian, dorian, mixelodian, and other scales)
  • Blog more often/on a schedule: Um, tbh this is my goal pretty much 24/7 but I’m writing it down on my official Summer 2019 Goals list, so it kind of has to happen, haha.

Seeing as this post is about Summer, I feel like I should be writing more but right now I quite honestly don’t really want to.

What are your plans for Summer? How about certain goals? When is/was your last official day of school?

I Stand For Life

Guys, this is an amazing post about being pro life that we all need to read! Please reblog this❤

Pointe to Christ

No law can give me the right to do what is wrong.

Abraham Lincoln

It is heartbreaking to know that something as unacceptable and horrific as abortion is being celebrated. If you read my blog, you might have read this post (here’s the link), which laid out my thoughts about being pro-life. As abortion is becoming accepted and even celebrated more and more, it is extremely saddening to witness. I was having a conversation with my dearest friend Madeline (remember Madeline?), and she is heartbroken as well about this topic that is very close to both of our hearts. I asked her to write a blog post about this because we need to start standing up for the lives of these children. What she has to say is very valuable and very important, and I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you, Madeline, for taking over my blog!…

View original post 852 more words

Current Music Favorites

I’ve been listening to music a lot lately-wait, scratch that, I listen to music a lot all the time-

Anyways, I have lots of favorite songs right now that I wanted to share with you guys because everyone loves music! (right?)

I absolutely LOVE Local Sound right now! They have so many more songs but I like these two the most. Also, you should look up their “Hotel Sessions”, it sounds so good!

AHHHHHHHH TWENTY ONE PILOTSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS *ahem* My friends and I are literally obsessed with them. In fact, just recently they all came over and we did some karaoke (more like screaming at the top of our lungs) which consisted of this song and “heavydirtysoul” and our voices DIED afterwards. (haha)


But seriously, Imagine Dragons are probably my all-time favorite. I only put this one on the list, but pretty much all of them are my favorites.

Honestly, the “reimagined” soundtrack is better than the OG in my opinion. I mean, sure the actual thing is great, but I like to hear other singers’ personal takes on the songs. This one is my favorite along with “the other side”. But we don’t want to put that on this list as there’s a bad word in there and we ‘re trying to keep it “PG” and “CFA”. (Not Chick-Fil-A, it’s Christian Family Approved.)

Oh boy, Andra Day’s voice gives me goosebumps! Especially on those “you”‘s.

Ok, so my debate team is super funny and while we were at a recent tournament, some of us started rocking out to this song. It’s honestly not the best one of Shawn Mendes’ but it holds good memories for us. XD

I love this song. It’s so pretty and we sing it at worship all the time. Hillsong Young & Free is a great band, too.

Guys, I grew up on Alicia Keys. Especially this song. My parents would play it all the time and now it’s just, like, a part of me.


What’s your favorite song? (of this list or just in general)

May Bujo Set-up 2019

Hey there! As always, late again…But here’s May’s bujo set-up

I chose lavender kind of things as a theme. amandarachlee did these last year, or something, but mine are drawn a bit differently.

Also, does anyone recognize this quote I chose??? If you knew me and my weird friends, you’d know that *nsync ‘s song, “It’s gonna be me”, is always playing. Mostly, it’s because our parents love listening to music like that. But we like it because it sounds like “it’s gonna be MAY”(rather than “me”). Therefore, at the end of April and all through May, this song is playing.

“Mayo” means May in Spanish, but you probably already knew that.

I used my Tombows (as always) for the blocks/days (whatever you want to call them), and at first I regretted doing two different colors, but oh well.

This month, I changed the homework page to a full page so that I’d have more room to write all of it down. Other than that, though, it’s pretty much the same.

Ooooh, so, I’m working on saving money for something super exciting (but it’s REALLLY expensive) and if I’m able to get all the funds for it I’ll tell you ALLLL about it…later, though..

Oh just ignore the numbers at the bottom of the page, I think I was writing something down for math and I needed paper so I opened it up to a random page and started writing (haha, me when I ain’t organized)

And I added a “one line a day” thing because I felt like it. 😁

Do you know what *nsync and NKOTB and New Edition (and all those other 80’s bands) are???

Funny Christian Memes😏

(disclaimer, all memes shown on here are not made by me, I found them somewhere on the interwebs)

Straight to the point: I know lot’s of my posts about Christianity have been super serious, so I wanted to add in a little bit of fun too! Anyways, since this is a super self-explanatory post, I’m not gonna do a whole lot of writing, It’ll be mostly memes from now on.

Image result for best christian memes
Image result for best christian memes
Related image
Image result for best christian memes
Image result for best christian memes
Related image
Image result for best christian memes
Image result for best christian memes
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Related image
Image result for best christian memes
jesus paid my tuition christian meme
bible fry jesus meme - futurama
Related image
Image result for best christian memes nice tomb

Also, just wanna add here:

(pastor) “Jesus is always the answer”

Goes to class the next day. (teacher) “What is the square root of 372937012?”




Gonna be honest, I went a little overboard…but ‘sall good, right?

Which one was YOUR favorite?

East Coast Trip 🏙

As always, I’ve been procrastinating and this post should have been up, like, 2 weeks ago at least but-hey, at least I’m actually posting it and not giving up on it! (Like how I was supposed to do my Winter Camp 2019 post but gave up because it was in January and now it’s kind of not Winter but oh well!)

Anyways, little backstory here before we get to the pictures…Our home school group (at least the kids and families in my grade) all went to Virginia and Washington D.C. for a field trip (and my family went to New York a few days before because-hey, why not?) and it was super LIT!!!🔥🔥🔥 *ahem*

ANywAys…onto the pictures!

…warning: there will be much quoting of Hamilton in this post…

New York City (3 days)

Highlights: One World Trade Center (went all the way to the top!), 9/11 memorial, Trinity Church for Alexander Hamilton’s grave, (…she [Angelica] is buried in Trinity Church near you [Hamilton]…), nighttime in Times Square, and a 3-story CFA!!!

(Wax version of) Ronald Reagan and (real version of) me!

Guys, this is my favorite president ever!!! We were at the wax museum (Madame Tussaud’s, or something like that…) and I decided to be cringey and try to pose like Ronald Reagan and…yea…

P.S. none of these pictures are in order (same for all the ones coming up)

Virginia (3 days)

Highlights: Monticello-Thomas Jefferson’s estate (…I [Jefferson] gotta be at Monticello, where the work at home begins…), Mount Vernon-George Washington’s estate (…planting tobacco in Mount Vernon…) a 3-hour car drive in a 16 passenger van with all us teenagers and cringey music playing, Air and Space museum, Jamestown, and Colonial Williamsburg. (Oh! And we got to see our friends who moved out there a few years ago!)

Washington D.C. (7 Days)

Highlights: the Bible Museum, Bureau of Engraving, the Capitol, the Pentagon (and the memorial there), Lincoln/Vietnam War/Korean War/MLK/Jefferson/WWII Memorials, Washington Monument, Escape Room, and Ford’s Theatre (where Lincoln was assassinated).

Me and my friends looking up at the ceiling of the Capitol. If you could see our faces we all basically look like 😮 XD

Also, what really stinks is that half of my family (including me) got the flu while we were there! For my grandpa, he was sick for almost 3/4 of the trip and had to go to the ER, my mom was sick about half of it, and for me it was only about 3 days, which isn’t too bad but…ya know…

Anyways, that’s our East Coast Trip!

An Easter Post…

Easter Sunday is probably the most awesome day ever. For one, it’s a day where we can go Easter egg hunting (and get candy!), but also, it’s the day that we celebrate Jesus Christ raising Himself from the dead!

On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins. You know, even though Jesus was nailed to the cross, He could have gotten off of it anytime He wanted…but He didn’t. You see, it wasn’t the nails that held Him there, it was LOVE. His love for us! He was rejected by His own, the very people who had been worshiping and praising Him just a week earlier! We rejected Him, but He still loved (and loveS!) us enough to die for us so we could be with Him in heaven.

This was a time of great sadness and sorrow, especially to Jesus’ close disciples,family, and followers. They went into hiding and were filled with fear. They didn’t know what to do.

However…the good thing is that this time of sadness and confusion only lasted for 3 days! On the third day, three women went to the tomb to “dress” Jesus’ body (like basically put stuff that smells good on it), but when they got there, the stone was rolled away, all that was left inside was the cloths that Jesus was wrapped in, and angels sat on the tomb! Jesus had rose again! He conquered the grave of sin and shame, He is RISEN!

The women ran to tell the rest of the disciples and everyone was overcome with JOY! Thomas, at first, was a bit skeptical, but Jesus eventually showed Himself to him and let Thomas stick his fingers in the nail wounds.

So…how did this day turn into all about eggs and a bunny? Well, I’m not sure, but it’s like how Christmas turned from Jesus’ birth to presents and trees and a big fat man in a red coat. While these traditions are all fun, of course, we need to remember the REAL reason for holidays like this.

So, today, as you hang out with family and/or friends and hunt for eggs (and all that good stuff)…just remember what Jesus did on the cross for you and how He was raised again!

He is Risen!

here’s a great song to listen to. I especially love the part that goes:
Our savior displayed on a criminal’s cross
Darkness rejoiced as though heaven had lost
But then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand
That’s when death was arrested and my life began

P.S. if you want to read all about this for yourself, here’s a link to Luke 24!